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Inspiring Stories


Here are some stories I've received from readers - hope you enjoy them...Please send me your story if you have battled low self esteem. Love to hear how this website or my emails have helped you.


"There is no easy way to say how I've overcome low self esteem. It is simply by facing the truth. The truth was I thought I was an OK person who people liked and could get on with and brought great added value to the people he served. The problem was my core beliefs. Fundamentally, no matter what I said or did, my behavior was that of someone who wasn't sure about themselves, you know the quotes when quoting for business; "oh yea sure I can fit into anyone's budget, don't worry about that", and I'd never hear from the prospect again.

Or I'd say I really wanted something, to set up my own business and 6 months later for whatever reason, it wasn't happening. I was sabotaging my own success because of what I TRULY believed about myself.

I got through it by first accepting what I truly believed about myself in the pit of my stomach and in my heart, and I began to read great books by inspiring authors, and journals, and here is the most important one, are you ready for it? I took a piece of card and placed it in my wallet, and every day in the morning I took out that piece of card and read what it said after my morning meditation, and I started to believe it. I read it during the day and before I went to bed at night. I wrote my 4 new core beliefs and my gratitude for what I was already believing I had in terms of my goals.

I promise you that if you can do that and to your own self be true, then you, like me, will stop pretending and feeling bad about yourself and start doing what you already know to be right and true and start feeling great about yourself more of the time.

One of the most profound books I ever read was by James Allen. His work has really helped me with my self esteem and self belief system to maintain a positive self image over the past few years. "

- Tony


"Your newsletter has been of great help to me, and am not the same person anymore. I have been struggling in life because of low esteem since i was in school, having been brought up in a not well to do family. I thought the material things that I missed would make me happy when I finally got them. I was bright in school always coming top of the rest in class but I had to drop school in my first semester at the university. Some of the students I used to be better than in school are now very successful, one is even a government minister. Sometimes I would hide whenever i saw someone who knew me. But I have since learnt to accept myself just the way I am and count my blessings. I am now happily married to a beautiful wife doing business and mixing freely with everyone .God bless you and keep up the great work."


- Justus


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"When I believed that God exists and that He loves me, my self-esteem improved. When I started to do and to think on things that are right and good my self-esteem continued to improve. It also improved when I avoided thinking and doing those things that are wrong and bad. That's my story. God has made me a new man."


- James

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"I used to feel so low, unbeautiful, not wise or stupid in all that I was; but now after all, I mean ALL your efforts and messages to raise my esteem I now feel like a person.

I feel an important part of society, I feel needed and above all, I love myself very much.

ALL this I owe to you! Thank you... for bringing life to me."


- Cathy

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